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The world of the meeting rooms and indeed the modern office is an increasingly technology-enabled space. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed or don't know where to start with finding the right Audio Visual/Presentation system for your specific needs. Or maybe you have made a substantial investment in Audio Visual systems that don't seem to be working as you envisaged it would.  Alive Sound & Visual are here to offer impartial advice gained from over ten years of experience in the AV industry working with clients exactly like you. Our Certified Technology Specialists will find the answers you are looking for so that you can get on with your business!



  • Are you looking for advice on Audio Visual systems for your new offices?

  • Planning your staff return to work and need to enable your meeting rooms with Microsoft Teams Rooms & Zoom Rooms?

  • Are you planning an office move and want to know what the options are for enabling more modern working practices in your organization through new technology?

  • Perhaps you are searching for a solution to create that WOW factor and showcase your work?

  • Do you have a problematic existing AV system in your meeting rooms that are driving you crazy?

  • Do your meeting rooms/presentation spaces suffer from a tangle of wires that you wish you could get rid of?

  • Are you interested in exploring new technology that will bring your office/meeting spaces up to date?

  • Do your meetings/presentations suffer from poor audio volume or quality and no one is sure how to fix it?


If you are saying yes to any of the above then we have just the solution for you.


How we can help...

As with all things in life you can't fix a problem you don't know what the underlying issue causing the symptom is. Treating the symptoms of a floored design or intermittent problem won't give you a real long term solution. Nor will a poorly thought out AV system allow you to get on and achieve your business objectives without constantly letting you down or forcing you to use long-winded workarounds. This is why we offer an initial consultation over the phone or conference call free of charge to explore where your real pain points are and assist you in identifying a strategy to tackle whatever challenge you are facing.


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Areas can assist with


  • Identify critical weak points on the AV systems that are letting you down

  • Provide suggestions for drastic performance improvement

  • Increase the return on your investment in your Audio Visual by identifying how to harmonize your AV technology strategy with your business objectives to enable your business to surpass your competition through the speed of response and agile working


Our services


  • System fault finding and resolution

  • System performance improvement 

  • On-site training for your existing/new audiovisual systems

  • New offices full AV scope and design

  • Project Planning Services - Equipment supplier choices, protect delivery partners and after sales care packages 

  • Full after-sales support

  • Bespoke service contracts

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