"We believe that clients prefer to deal with people-friendly companies and solutions.


In simple terms, this means ensuring that the clients we serve and the solutions we design and implement are produced not only to meet technical requirements or make a statement. First and foremost the systems should be intuitive, well thought out and truly serve to satisfy our client's needs and objectives. In order that our clients would find using the AV technology at hand a real aid to their tasks rather than an added stress."

About us

Founded in 2010 Alive Sound & Visual Solutions was established in 2010 by Nic Bezuidenhout, CTS.


Alive Sound and Visual Solutions are at the forefront of the convergence of AV and IT. We know the world is becoming increasingly complex which is why our clients rely on us to bring the latest products and services together to enable them to simply deliver their business objectives. 


With the continuing trend towards digital, Alive Sound & Visual is here to help our customers meet their digital challenges. Whether it be providing a complete digital meeting room experience which enables seamless collaboration or creating multimedia content to engage and win over their audience via unique video and podcasts.  


As all technologies become more unified through the advancement of the internet of things, companies and staff expect more from the office meetings rooms and in-house technology. The expectations we have developed through the use of our mobile phones and connected homes are headed into our places of work. We expect things to be connected and for systems to work, and talk to each other in an intelligent way. Along with this, the trend towards flexible and remote working practices are driving the need for more flexible ways to enable our ever-larger remote working work force with tools like Webex, Google Chat, Skype for Business. We are helping our clients to take full advantage of the scale and speed at which business can now operate through the enabling power of new technologies.